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Our knowledge is your – we will assist you as far as you wish.

We manufacture many intermediates and we produce others’ design from start to finish, you as the customer make the choice!

For us, the passion of manufacturing and the excitement of new thinking are central. Pending issues are what machine we need to acquire next in order to meet our customers’ demand and how we can make better use of the equipment we already have. We know our materials and we know the handicraft just like we affirm the latest technology. The result is what matters.


Examples of Semi-finished products. We will assist you as far as you wish.

var_kunskap_ar_din_02The company

Guldbolaget is a genuine family firm, founded at the end of the 1980s. We have vast experience in the field of ring production and a long tradition of entrepreneurship. The company, the family and the fact that we live and work locally in Småland all add to collectively create a wonderful living dynamic!

The thrill and passion for production are central to our company. And you’ll find a constant process of improvement and refinement at work at Guldbolaget. Though we know the craft inside out, we never hesitate to utilise the latest techniques – after all, it’s results that count!

No structures or methods are taken for granted. If something can be done in a newer, better way, then we do it! Sound values are what drives the company and our watchwords are loyalty, commitment, respect, pride and most of all, ”the customer is king”. This spirit is alive in all our relations, with customers and suppliers as well as within our own company.

It’s our desire to become the customers’ first choice in the fields of service, quality, competence and price. To achieve this demands persistence and a willingness to see the long-term perspective.

Of all the rings sold in Sweden, Guldbolaget stands for a large segment and you’ll find that it’s the same throughout the entire Scandinavian market. We produce our own collections at the same time as functioning as a supplier for other actors. Guldbolaget’s personally designed rings are stamped with the letters ”GBA”. A ring carrying this stamp stands for Swedish craftsmanship, genuine care, quality, competence, design and service! Each ring produced by Guldbolaget is unique and produced to specific order only.


Technique is beauty

Creative thoughts, exact movements and careful handling are the most important tools of the goldsmith. We are the bearers of this tradition.

Processing precious metals with modern techniques is our passion. We use exactly programmed machine movements and pin-point precision at every step to produce unique designs that can be reproduced without deviation.

Happy designers and satisfied customers – that’s what beauty is to us!

Turning Stone / 5 @ work

Our stone-setting machines, combined with our talented setters, provide accuracy and a fast delivery on stone rings.

Turning Stone/5@work

CNC lathes

Our CNC lathes offer accuracy and precision.


The rings are completed and turned in our BENZINGER machines.

Drill holes/stone sockets

External engraving

Your own laser stamp, laser logo, your own “rolling” stamp

We stamp rings with your own mark, if you wish so. Choose between a laser stamp, laser logo and roll stamp.


Modern casting technologies in combination with our lathes provide fantastic opportunities.


Examples of casting:


The carat indicates the amount of gold in the material the ring is made of. One carat indicates that the gold weight is 1/24 of the weight of the alloy. Thus, in 18 carat jewellery, the amount of pure gold is 18/24 (75 %).

The gold used at Guldbolaget
At Guldbolaget we use recycled gold, i.e. gold that has been revised. The value of gold is the reason why jewellery not being used, is sold and reused. The advantage of working with recycled gold is that the environmental impact is minimal when gold moves around in a cycle. The quality of the gold is not affected by the re-utilization, it is the exact same as with new gold.

At Guldbolaget we make every metal alloys (gold fusions) ourselves, in our own workshop. And we ourselves make all further processing into finished rings. The fact that we own the whole refinement process gives us the least environmental impact possible. The fine gold, which we use for our metal alloys, comes solely from different eco-certified providers who recycle and purify gold. Thus, we use the “gold from peoples’ drawers” only after the gold has been purified by an environmentally certified company.

The gold content in our alloys is continuously controlled by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, which ensures that we meet all requirements set according to gold content.

A ring from Guldbolaget is a ring manufactured under the most optimum environmental control possible.


Diamonds may be hard but they are not indestructible. They can damage or scratch other jewellery, so we advise you to keep your diamond jewellery separately. We recommend that you clean your diamonds regularly so they retain their full lustre.

The quality of a diamond depends upon the colour, the number of impurities and how it is cut. Carat (ct) is a unit of weight for gems e.g. diamonds. The weight of one carat is 200 mg.

Diamonds from Guldbolaget
The diamonds Guldbolaget market are approved under the EU Regulatory Framework 2368-2002 and we guarantee that our stones are not so called conflict diamonds in accordance with the Kimberley Process, since we only use suppliers who act in compliance with this process – a regulatory system for the international trade in rough diamonds.

“Millions of people have died in wars financed by illicit trade in rough diamonds. In order to stop the illegal trade, the diamond industry, NGOs, producer and trading countries including the European Union initiated a control system that regulates the international trade in rough diamonds. The initiative, called the Kimberley Process has resulted in a certification scheme for the international trade in rough diamonds. The system came into effect in 2003. A little more than 70 countries (including the EU Member States) have joined the Kimberly Process.”


Our silver jewellery is composed of 935 parts per thousands silver, the rest being copper and other metals. Silver jewellery is subject to oxidation, so the best way to avoid this is simply to polish your silver regularly. You will get the best results if you use a specially made silver polish.


Our palladium rings consist of 500 thousand parts of palladium, the rest is silver and copper.


Here are the metals that we offer our rings in.


Be inspired!

We offer a unique flexibility. Be inspired by customers’ unique ideas and models found in previous collections. Almost anything is possible – just talk to your nearest retailers.

Below is a small selection. The link shows our entire Idégalleri (idea gallery).

Scrap Gold

We will help you with your affinering so you get quick access to your gold.


Weight calculator

At Norwegian Swedish Gold AB, you can calculate the weight of our rings. Click on the link and fill in the requested information. Weight calculator


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