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Guldbolaget is a Swedish family company with long experience in the industry and with a close and uncomplicated relationship with our customers. We combine old craftsmanship with modern technology and we are constantly looking for new solutions – the goal is always to manufacture a product of first-class quality in the best way. With us as a partner, you easily go from thought to action – our knowledge and our experience is yours and we are never further away than a phone call.

Our philosophy is that the development phase should be simple. The important thing is that we jointly land in a final product that is profitable. We develop the company together with our customers, often it is a customer desire that initiates a new investment. Our various customer collaborations give us the strength to develop and make the machine investments required, also to be an attractive supplier by international standards. We have a world-class machine park, well selected from the industry-leading machine manufacturers. The production is designed to be flexible and easy to maneuver, which means that we can easily adjust and offer products adapted to the latest trend. We own the entire manufacturing process, from alloy to finished ring. It gives us great control over the entire production.

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Patrik Rejneborg
CEO Guldbolaget

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Under the tab “Unique selections” you can read about our types of surfaces, metals, ring profiles, inside engraving and outside engraving. And in our B2B catalogue you will find further information about our products.