Our gold

The gold we use in our manufacturing is one hundred percent recycled. That’s one of the advantages of working with precious metals – the material can be reused over and over again. With melting capacity and analysis tools in our workshop, we can recycle and reuse materials

efficiently directly in our operations.

We make our own alloys and in addition to continuously checking the carat content ourselves, the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) verifies all alloys so that the content is correct.

Our diamonds

We offer diamonds of various kinds and other stones, in most of our models. (Ask us, what works, if you are unsure):

  • Natural diamonds in Wsi and Twvs quality
  • Lab grown diamonds in Wsi quality
  • Colored natural diamonds up to 0.15 ct (blue, green, yellow, red-brown, light brown, black, purple)
  • Colored lab grown diamonds up to 0.15 ct (pink, blue, orange, green, yellow)
  • Blue and pink sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Cubic zirconia (cz)

All diamonds in our production are conflict-free, according to The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which means that we only buy gems, of which has not contributed to conflict and war or violated fair trade.

We place great emphasis on work environment and quality, so another requirement we place on our suppliers is that they are certified members of The Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC).

Our philosophy

We only work with carefully selected suppliers and we believe in longterm business relationships, where we not only take responsibility for our own operations, but also, indirectly, help our partners to take responsibility. It is important for us to have a close and active dialogue with our partners, as far as possible, to produce and deliver jewelery in line with our high demands for quality and durability.

As a result of short lead times and transparent relationships, we achieve efficient and sustainable flows throughout our processing chain. With a holistic perspective as a basis, we can find solutions that are sustainable and contribute to the industry’s development going in the right direction.