Our collections

  • Charms/pendants


    We offer pendants based on our sockets.

  • Choice

    Our easy-to-work and flexible Choice collection is very popular. All models in the collection are manufactured in full at Guldbolaget, which gives us full control over the entire manufacturing process.

  • Earrings


    Beautiful earrings in different colors and with different stone sizes.

  • Guldbolaget

    Our design is constantly envolving! News and rings that are outside any of collections end up here in our Guldbolaget concept.

  • Imagine

    Smooth rings can radiate weight. But still be light and comfortable, and not as expensive as they look.

  • Lycka

    Lycka by Guldbolaget is a collection of trendy rings with an elegant profile.

  • My Word

    Highly personal rings. Almost anything is possible. (Chains and straps that occur are not marketed by Guldbolaget.)

  • Petite & Bubbles

    Rings with a sheer and sweet expression.

  • Sofia

    Collection Sofia offers a mix of models. You will find rings in innovative form and classic design.

  • Unify

    Unify by Guldbolaget – a flexible collection with beautiful shapes that inspire to stone for both him and her.

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