Worth Knowing

Take good care of your jewellery! Gold and silver are soft metals requiring a careful handling. Remember to remove your jewellery when taking a shower, doing the dishes, sleeping, performing sports and other situations where they may be damaged. Store your jewellery in a suitable place, preferably in a jewellery box. In exposed areas, wear and tear will in the long run occur on your jewellery. We therefore recommend that you submit your jewellery for a professional overhaul, ideally once a year.

About gold

The carat indicates the amount of gold in the material the ring is made of. One carat indicates that the gold weight is 1/24 of the weight of the alloy. Thus, in 18 carat jewellery, the amount of pure gold is 18/24 (75 %).

The gold used at Guldbolaget

At Guldbolaget we use recycled gold, i.e. gold that has been revised. The value of gold is the reason why jewellery not being used, is sold and reused. The advantage of working with recycled gold is that the environmental impact is minimal when gold moves around in a cycle. The quality of the gold is not affected by the re-utilization, it is the exact same as with new gold.

At Guldbolaget we make every metal alloys (gold fusions) ourselves, in our own workshop. And we ourselves make all further processing into finished rings. The fact that we own the whole refinement process gives us the least environmental impact possible. The fine gold, which we use for our metal alloys, comes solely from different eco-certified providers who recycle and purify gold. Thus, we use the “gold from peoples’ drawers” only after the gold has been purified by an environmentally certified company.

The gold content in our alloys is continuously controlled by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, which ensures that we meet all requirements set according to gold content. A ring from Guldbolaget is a ring manufactured under the most optimum environmental control possible.

About diamonds

Diamonds may be hard but they are not indestructible. They can damage or scratch other jewellery, so we advise you to keep your diamond jewellery separately. We recommend that you clean your diamonds regularly so they retain their full lustre.
The quality of a diamond depends upon the colour, the number of impurities and how it is cut. Carat (ct) is a unit of weight for gems e.g. diamonds. The weight of one carat is 200 mg.

Diamonds from Guldbolaget

The diamonds Guldbolaget market are approved under the EU Regulatory Framework 2368-2002 and we guarantee that our stones are not so called conflict diamonds in accordance with the Kimberley Process, since we only use suppliers who act in compliance with this process – a regulatory system for the international trade in rough diamonds.

“Millions of people have died in wars financed by illicit trade in rough diamonds. In order to stop the illegal trade, the diamond industry, NGOs, producer and trading countries including the European Union initiated a control system that regulates the international trade in rough diamonds. The initiative, called the Kimberley Process has resulted in a certification scheme for the international trade in rough diamonds. The system came into effect in 2003. A little more than 70 countries (including the EU Member States) have joined the Kimberly Process.” Quote from the Swedish Government Offices website.

About silver

Our silver jewellery is composed of 935 parts per thousands silver, the rest being copper and other metals. Silver jewellery is subject to oxidation, so the best way to avoid this is simply to polish your silver regularly. You will get the best results if you use a specially made silver polish.

About palladium

Our palladium rings consist of 500 thousand parts of palladium, the rest is silver and copper.

Flexibility is the keyword for Guldbolaget!

Adapting a ring according to your wishes is an exciting challenge and a great joy! Talk to our excellent retailers about how you want your ring to look. At Guldbolaget, we have an extensive experience in ring manufacturing, and our knowledge in this trade combined with our modern machinery and our eagerness to think innovatively make almost anything possible. It is also possible for you to have a complete custom design on your ring.

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